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published2 months ago
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Hey Reader,

If I wanted to cater to the current algorithm gods, I’d probably talk about how this interview is all about what AI can and cannot do for us. But it’s so much more than that.

Much like the problem with leveraging AI to do all of the heavy lifting, me positioning this episode as “about AI,” would be inauthentic. And authenticity…well that’s really what this episode is about.

Tom Schwab is someone who believes at his core that you’re just One Conversation Away from a profitable…and perhaps quite successful…business. So that’s what he helps people do. He helps them have conversations.

And today, you’re going to learn how to get better at having the right conversations, as well as how to leverage those conversations to build your authority…authentically.

Plus in the PRO show, Tom and I exchange podcast interview horror stories!

Top Takeaways

  • Marketing is starting a conversation with someone who could be a great customer. But before you can do that, you need to get clear on what you do, and who you do it for. Obscurity is bad for business.
  • When you go on podcasts, you’re having a conversation with potentially lots of people. This means you need to show up, be present, and make the host look like a genius for having you on!
  • Go for quality over quantity. When I asked Tom about how to get on more podcasts he said, “More is not better. Better is better.” So use your time wisely, and show up fully for the listeners.

Behind the Scenes: How I’m Finding More Podcasts to go on

In this week’s interview, Tom Schwab mentioned that one 45 minute interview could yield one month’s worth of content – if you play your cards right.

This includes getting the assets from the podcast you went on (video if they recorded it, audio, etc).

I’ve thought about doing more podcast interviews for a while (more, better), but after Tom’s interview, I’ve also decided I’ll make an honest effort at repurposing.

So how will I do it?

Well, I’ve hired my friend Jordan as my assistant to do cold outreach for me.

But what she’s also doing for me is finding podcasts for me to guest on. She’s compiling a Google Sheet with name, description, contact, download info, and a whole bunch of other information helpful in building an introduction.

Then, once I reach out and we record, I plan on taking my own notes, and having either Jordan or my VA create a set of videos to share on social media.

I’m starting to do the same for How I Built It interview – but more on that next week.

Until next time,

Joe Casabona
The Podcast Systems Guy

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